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What do you do when you’re living out your best life, accomplishing childhood dreams and adversity strikes? Ryan Carpenter, the owner/founder of Rynowear, knows all too well.

Dream big…. as a child, Ryan, or as everyone in his hometown called him “Ryno” had aspirations of playing collegiate golf and becoming the first person in his family to achieve collegiate sport status. His further dreams included turning Pro and playing on the PGA Tour.

Ryan was able to make one dream come true when he attended Coastal Carolina University. The fellowship of the students and atmosphere he found himself immersed in quickly clicked and he knew he had chosen the right University.

Adversity strikes…during a routine spring season workout with his team in his Junior year, Ryan began to experience complications. Ryan had been taking a dehydrating over-the-counter allergy medicine, and in turn, was not drinking enough water to replenish himself. It was during a weight room session, where a very dehydrated Ryan experienced extreme muscle trauma, by only having done a couple of sets of speed squats and trap-bar squats.  Similar to a car accident, Ryan experienced muscle trauma in both his legs and lower back. Within only a couple of short days, his legs and lower back began to swell a great amount. Upon urinating a Coca-Cola like substance, Ryan sought treatment at the hospital. With his CPK count immeasurable and off the charts, he found himself in the hospital for 8 days with constant IV’s. So what was the problem?

Ryan had to battle a serious syndrome called rhabdomyolysis, known as rhabdo for short. He actually found himself near kidney failure. It’s an affliction where a traumatic injury to a muscle causes the muscle fibers to die and results in toxins, called CPK, being released in the blood. The effects of this syndrome are incapacitating and can lead to sepsis and amputation.

An Idea is born…as Ryan found himself at a crossroads, he didn’t know whether he would be able to return to golf and have a chance to compete at the same level. With fears of biopsies and amputations, Ryan lost a vast amount of muscle mass in his affected areas. A healthy life and professional golf were now only distant dreams.

Ryan was determined to succeed. For months, he encountered demanding physical therapy sessions and had to completely change his diet. With his future uncertain, Ryan set his sights on other possible career paths. As he’s always been a fan of clothing, different fashions, colors and styles, he came up with the idea for “Rynowear”. He wants to offer a unique brand that brings an enduring perseverance to all loyal customers.

The end of Ryan’s medical story is only the beginning…In addition to Rynowear; Ryan is once again in pursuit of his dreams to play on the PGA Tour.

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